I can't find your walk in the sun fanfictions I can only find chapter one and chapter twenty four :


Sorry Ill try to fix it x

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if i was famous i’d just tour around the country without telling anyone and go to random college campuses late at night, and i’d wait until i saw one person walking by themselves and i’d walk behind them and put my hands over their eyes and say guess who and when they turned around it’d be me and they’d be like omg and then i’d say “no one will ever believe you” and i’d just sprint off into the moonlight

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The Indian and the sailor

 Crowd sings “Walk In the Sun” to Danny at the Roxy Theatre 

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there’s so much i don’t understand about this picture

I’ve decided to reblog this every time I see it until it makes sense.

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to be honest i’m scared as shit about the bruno mars tickets.

i mean what if i don’t get them, i have wanted to see him for four years now and i finally have the chance. if i dont get these i will be upset for fucking weeks. me and my bestfriend need to get themmmmmmmmmmmmm:(

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When I Was Your Man. 


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Happy Birthday Mrs. Judd! All the happiness in the world to you dear Izzy! <3

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